WP Super Cache settings

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress that helps to speed up your website. This blog post outlines the recommended settings to get optimal performance out of WordPress.

HTML Email Templates for MailChimp

MailChimp is an online application for managing email marketing lists and sending out HTML email campaigns. Offering a simple and intuitive interface, easy mailing list management and drag-and-drop campaign editor… there really is no better tool for maintaining your email newsletters.

Engine Creative

Engine Creative is a design agency in Northampton where I worked for almost three years as a front-end web developer. My role was primarily a “PSD to WordPress” service, taking the Photoshop visuals created by the designers and building bespoke WordPress sites.

Web Design in Northampton

Many of my clients are through word-of-mouth recommendations, mostly from other clients who have been pleased with the work that I’ve done for them. The majority have been individuals or small businesses from in and around Northampton, but others have been from further afield such as London or Oxford.

Webkit Font Smoothing

Whilst working on a client website earlier today, I came across an issue whereby fonts were not rendering consistently across different browsers. This is not normally much of a surprise, as inconsistencies between web browsers are one of the little challenges that keep us web developers on our toes! However, on this occasion the two browsers in question were Chrome and Safari – normally two of the most reliable for accurate CSS layouts.