The Benefits of Using a Local Web Developer

Hiring a local web developer to work with you on your website has a number of benefits, compared with web developers overseas or elsewhere in the country.

New websites are created every day that cover a wide demographic across a number of different niches, industries and interests. Each new website brings extra competition to the online marketplace, be that locally, nationally or globally. For a site to be a success, a number of factors have to be considered.

The quality of how a website has been built is an important factor when trying to get your website to the top of search results. This includes aesthetics, a well-thought-out navigation structure, as well as relevant and engaging content. As the website owner, much of this will be under your control. However, if you are not able or simply do not have time to do some of the work yourself, then it’s likely you will need assistance from a professional web developer to get the work completed.

Many of us may be tempted to go for the cheaper option – after all, the design and development of a website can sometimes be a costly endeavour. However, many of the cheapest solutions are based abroad and as such may not fully understand your target audience or be able to accurately translate your vision into a functional end product.

A Local Web Developer for a Local Business

Whilst many offshore developers may work to an acceptable standard, an appreciation of your customers and target audience will be key to its success, particularly in competitive local industries. An awareness of which other companies are around and how they promote themselves online will give a valuable insight into forming your own web design and marketing strategies.

Those who look to hire offshore developers to create their website may receive less-than-flattering results – this can be due to an overseas developer not being aware of a specific target audience or locality. A local developer may have worked on similar projects in the past, or have worked with other local businesses who may complement your own range of products or services.

As a freelance web developer in Northampton, in addition to having experience of working with dozens of local businesses, I also have a network of Northampton-based contacts who may be able to support your ambitions further, be that content creation, marketing and promotion, or social media.

Low Cost = Low Quality?

While some people might be apprehensive in paying a little more for a local web developer, the overall investment will yield more rewards than a site that costs very little. The reason for this is that some offshore developers will take on many different projects at a time, without being able to give you or your website the time and attention it needs.

So… while you may get an operational website, it may not necessarily make any impact online. You may also find that your website is created using a cheaply-modified template, as opposed to being crafted specifically for purpose. I am often contacted by people who have had a negative experience with overseas developers, having been left with an unfinished website that needs finishing off properly.

How does that saying go? “Buy cheap, buy twice!”

Investing that little bit more can ensure that you have a website that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but also follows all the rules and requirements set out by various search engines. The result being that your website performs in the best way possible, engages the right target audience, as well as being unique to your brand or business.

Easier Communication

Not all websites built by overseas developers will be bad. Although, the process of building an effective website relies on good communication between the client and the web developer. Language barriers, time differences and geographical distance can mean that communication suffers as a result, often meaning that your website will suffer too.

As a local web developer, I will not only ensure that you’re happy with everything following the development of your website, but will also be nearby should any problems arise in the future. Particularly if you are based in or around Northampton yourself – sometimes it’s much easier for me to pop in and discuss the details in person.

Of course, there are many overseas developers who design and develop satisfactory websites, but the positives associated with hiring a local web developer really do outweigh that of a developer based abroad.

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