Web Design: Nileeka

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Nileeka is one of London’s premier Bollywood dancers and choreographers. Founder of The Bollywood Co. and resident dance instructor at Pineapple Dance Studios in London, she has experience of working with major brands across the UK and Europe.

Nileeka has long been a valued client of mine, so I jumped at the opportunity to design and build a website dedicated to her personal brand and portfolio. The website design makes strong use of bold and colourful photography to showcase her work, providing a platform for her clients to follow and connect via social media.

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I found Tim whilst looking for inspiration for my own website, trying to find attractive sites that oozed creative design, balanced with functional/user-friendly build. Within 24 hours, he had emailed me back and it was clear that he was just the type of person I was looking for! He was so easy to work with – within the past eight months, he has built three websites for me, each of which are completely integral to my day-to-day business. Tim doesn’t just build websites… he truly adds value to brands. Without Tim, my brand would not be where it is today.

Nileeka Bose